Interpreter is always looking for more quality interpreters for our assignments.  You must be committed to client satisfaction and be able to effectively communicate in English as well as at least one other language.

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20 Apr, 2014

Interpreter Services Australia

Do you want professional interpreter services?  With an interpreter resource pool of more than 100 across most languages and locations around Australia, we should be your first choice for interpreter services.  Our commitment to excellence has seen consistent and rapid growth and we are now the number 1 choice for interpreter services for many individuals and organisations around Australia.

Interpreter Services Australia

Our project managers know how to arrange complex and multi-lingual interpreting assignments for conferences, tour groups, "simultaneous interpreting," "consecutive interpreting," teleconferences, voiceovers and more. Our interpreters are available in all capital cities in Australia and we are the choice for many law firms and businesses.

Court interpreter Australia

Conference Interpreter Headsets

We have recently purchased the state of the art conference interpreter headsets for all your conference interpreter needs. We have an all inclusive offer for the use of our equipment. interpreter equipment



“ The interpreter equipment was invaluable. The users of the equipment adapted to it very quickly which made the training experience much more enjoyable for them (for all of us really).  I don't know how we would have coped without it.”

- N. Dickson, Salvation Army




Interpreter Specialities

Many of our interpreters handle general interpreting assignments and also specialise.  Some of the specialties include:

Legal Interpreter    Court Interpreter 
Medical Interpreter Business Interpreter
Sign language interpreter

Voiceover Interpreter
Conference Interpreter



What languages are available on

Interpreter offers many languages services including the following languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Bengali, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Croatian, Italian interpreter, Malay, Norwegian Dutch, Portuguese (Brasil), Portugues (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Thai and more.  If there is a language spoken in Australia, then we are likely to have an interpreter for that language.

medical interpreter

Interpreter Jobs

Interpreter .com .au is fast becoming the authority website for language interpreting assignments around Australia. If you are looking for interpreter jobs then we are always looking for Naati certified intepreters to become part of our great team.  To qualify, you must be commited to superior service in every aspect.  This includes your interpersonal skills, professionalism and most importantly you ability to be an effective interpreter for our clients.

Interpreter Jobs

Interpreter Booking

Interpreters can be booked for assignments ranging from a short conversation to weeks.  The minimum booking is two hours.  The cost of the interpreter will vary based on their experience and qualifications.  In general, certified interpreters are more expensive than non-certified.  Complex interpreting assignments are often more expensive.  Discuss your needs with us and we will understand your requirements and suggest a suitable interpreter.  Get your: