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Video Interpreting Services VRI

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Translationz offers scheduled and on-demand video intepreting services. We deliver thousands of interpreting assignments every week to our clients across Australia. This includes a high volume of video interpreting calls. Our system has a built in video capability, or you can use video providers such as MS Teams, Zoom, Citrix or your own video platfrom. The simplicity of our system allows organisations to start using our system in less than a day. Call us today to discuss your needs and see why many of Australia's biggest companies use our platform.

Video Interpreters

What is VRI?

VRI is the industry name for interpreter services delivered online over video. It allows people who are non-English speakers to communicate with English speakers in Australia. We have been delivering video interpreter services for more than five years. Video-based delivery of interpreting is now the standard for some organisations.

The pandemic accelarated the uptake of video as a mode for delivering interpreting. Community organisations, health care providers, courts and tribunals are now frequent users of the video and a platform for the delivery of interpreter services. Video interpreting can be used for all languages including Auslan (Australian sign language).

Video is accessed via a browser such as Google Chrome or MS Edge. Both parties need to enable their microphone and also have a video camera as part of their setup. It can be used on Desktop or laptop computers, tablets computers such as an iPad or an Android tablet, and smartphone such as an iPhone or an Android phone.

VRI is delivered and there are fees associated with the interpreter service. Video is livestreamed and the interpreting can either be consective or simulaneous.

When to use VRI?

Delivering interpreting services over video is particularly suited to Australia. Specifically, if you are not in a major city where there is easy access to onsite interpreters, then video should be considered as an option to telephone interpreting. When using video, the interpreter, the culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) user and the client all have the benefit of seeing facial and body language in addition to the speech. This increases the accuracy of the translation. 

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What are the benefits of Video Interpreting?

In addition to the benefits of visually seeing facial expressions, video intepreting services can also have financial benefits. Typically, they are cheaper than an onsite assignment. They also often have a lower minumum booking time. 

Video interpreting can be delivered on demand or with very short notice. Therefore, it is suitable for organisations where they do not have scheduled appointments.





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