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Court and Legal Interpreter Services

We supply legal and court interpreters to courts, law firms, legal aid, police departments and to prosecutors around Australia. Call us today to discuss your needs.

Court Interpreters in Australia


We supply legal and court interpreters to law firms, offices of prosecution, police departments, courts and legal aid organisations throughout Australia. Call us today to discuss your legal and court interpreting needs.

Court interpreting is a highly specialized field. Translationz has certified, professional legal interpreters available for courts across Australia. We provide court interpreters to Australia’s top law firms, state and federal police departments, and the government.  With more than 300 languages spoken in Australian households, many people who need legal assistance will need the services of a language interpreter.

Court Interpreting Services

In accordance with the rules of procedural fairness, courts must accommodate the language needs of parties and witnesses with limited or no English proficiency.

We provide court interpreting services in most languages. Some of Australia’s key languages include aboriginal languages, Arabic, Afrikaans, . . .

Translationz understands that the selection of the interpreter is very important in providing accurate interpretation.  Not only are the qualifications, the specific language skills and the professionalism of the interpreter important, we also take into consideration the cultural and specific concerns of the parties in the case.

*We do not disclose all of the cases we have provided court interpreters.


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