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What company runs

What company runs

Translationz Pty Ltd is the company that runs was acquired in July 2010.

What are the most popular languages in Australia?

What are the most popular language is in Australia?

English is Australia's National language.  With Australia's multi cultural heritage past and present, Australia has many language is spoken in the community.  These language is an their associated popularity at changing all the time.  The main language is in Australia other than English are associated with the immigration trends.  Humanitarian and refugee immigration means that the world political climate influences the different languages are spoken in Australia. 


Available Languages

Available Languages offers many languages services including the following languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Bengali, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Croatian, Italian interpreter, Malay, Norwegian Dutch, Portuguese (Brasil), Portugues (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Thai and more.  If there is a language spoken in Australia, then we are likely to have an interpreter for that language.

How do I get my website translated?

Website translation

To get your website translated, you will require a translator and some technical expertise to get your newly translated content onto your website.  Contact us today to get your web site translation complete.