Auslan Interpreter Services

Auslan Interpreter Services

Auslan Interpreter Services

Auslan interpreter services are available across Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and across Tasmania. Additionally, we have video based Auslan interpreting available. auslan interpreting services across Australia

Auslan (Australian Sign Language) is the language of the Australian Deaf Community. It is the preferred language of the majority of Deaf Australians. An Auslan interpreter is not performing a word for word translation. It is about conveying the meaning.

Translationz performs thousands of interpreting assignments every month. Our clients trust us to consistently deliver against their buisness needs. We offer Auslan services for health, media conferences, video accessibility services, courts, conferences and education services. Call or email today to discuss your requirements. 

Best Auslan Interpreter Service: Tips and Hints

Whether you are experienced with working with interpreters or are a novice, there are number of best practices for Auslan intepreting services. We are happy to share those with you and walk you how best to communicate using your interpreter.

Mode of Auslan Interpreting Services 


Most assignments are onsite in person. Our team members come to your locations across Australia to perform the service. All locations must be a safe work environment for our team members. Two Auslan interpreters are required for any sessions over one hour. Additionally, if there simultaneous interpreting is required we will discuss the need for two interpreters.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

Using our state of the art interpreting platform, Auslan interpreting services can also be delivered over video. For many large organisations, this method has been more popular since the move to remote working driven by the pandemic.

Booking your Interpreter(s)

We accept bookings over the phone, via our website, on our interpreter management platform or via email. Where you are new to using Auslan services, we are happy to discuss the process and recommend appropriate services.

Note: There is a national shortage of NAATI qualified Auslan interpreters and therefore we encourage you to book in advance.

Auslan Interpreter Services - Locations

We provide interpreters across Australia. For regional and remote areas where there are no local NAATI professionals, we suggest the video interpreting option.

Auslan Adelaide

 Our South Australian team are mainly located in Adelaide and the surrounding suburbs. For regional South Australia, we would normally recommend our Auslan video interpreting option.

Auslan Canberra

 Across the ACT and into NSW we can assist with your Auslan interpreting needs.

Auslan Melbourne

Our Melbourne team members are located across the city and suburbs. Whether you need assistance in Melbourne, Dandenong, Bendigo, Geelong or any where across the State of Victoria, we can assist. 

Auslan Sydney

Our greater Sydney team will travel to locations in the CBD and across the city.  We also serve Newcastle and Woolongong.

Auslan Brisbane

Our office in Brisbane delivers Auslan interpreting to the Queensland government including courts and hospital services.

Auslan Perth

Our Perth team members deliver Auslan interpreting to clients in Western Australia.

Contact Us

Book an interpreter through the following numbers:

Melbourne  (03) 9034 5299

Sydney       (02) 9119 2200 

Perth          (08) 6365 4119

Canberra    (02) 6171 0900 

Brisbane     (07) 3123 4887 

Adelaide     (08) 7070 6757